(i) 15 Years Professional Experience in Construction Machinery;
(ii) International Sales Team;
(iii) Long Term Dealership from Top China Manufacturers;
(iv) Excellent Logistics Services;
(v) Comprehensive After-sales Service;
(vi) Quality Control. NEWINDU Construction Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a leading one-stop construction engineering machinery supplier in Shanghai, which is China's economic, financial, trade and shipping center. NEWINDU is an abbreviation of "new industry", which stands for an innovated strategy of E-commerce development. Our office takes advantage of convenient location at Shanghai city center, surrounded by premier hotels, restaurants and shopping malls, and only 20 minutes to airport and train station.

Our team is consisted of a group of dynamic and talented professionals with abundant international experience. We have been working in heavy machinery industry for almost 10 years, representing more than 50 top China machinery brands, and having 1000 models of construction machinery in 8 product series: lifting machinery, earthmoving machinery, road construction machinery, concrete machinery, trucks and special vehicle, drilling machinery, logistic machinery, agricultural machinery, and spare parts.

NEWINDU has established business relationship with more than 110 countries across five continents. In addition to a number of dealer partnership bases in Algeria, Philippines and Argentina, we also have numerous clients in East Africa, Middle East, Latin America and South Asia. It is the strength of our global marketing system and E-commerce operations that has made us the industry-leading global construction equipment supplier nowadays.

Our mission is striving to contribute value to global infrastructure by exporting quality Chinese construction machinery all over the world. Our vision is dedicated to be a world most influential supplier for construction and engineering machinery, industrial equipment and vehicles, with comprehensive solution and service. Adhering to our core values of " Integrity, Passion, Diligence, Efficiency, Professionalism, Win-Win", NEWINDU is confident that we will continue to enhance and provide sustainable service to your projects worldwide.

Main Categories

NEWINDU Machinery
Earthmoving Machinery
Lifiting Machinery
Road Construction Machinery
$48,500.00 - $62,500.00/unit
1.0 unit(Min. Order)
$48,500.00 - $62,500.00/unit
1.0 unit(Min. Order)
$48,500.00 - $58,500.00/unit
1.0 unit(Min. Order)
$37,500.00 - $42,500.00/unit
1.0 unit(Min. Order)
$38,500.00 - $42,500.00/unit
1.0 unit(Min. Order)